Neuromonitoring is a technology that allows the
surgeon to assess spinal cord function during
surgery through real-time feedback from
individual nerve roots, motor tracts, and
sensory tracts

Spine injury

Dr. Isaac Ortho Hospital has an excellent team for spinal disorders and injuries with most advanced diagnostics and treatments for patients to make spine surgeries safer, effective, and less traumatic to the patient. Which makes the outcome in spinal surgery more predictable and safe. Our hospital aims to generate confidence among the public regarding the efficacy and safety of spinal surgery.

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We treat and diagnose the main frame of the body with the help of experts and treatment methods making spine treatment best & affordable.

 The spine is the mainframe of your body and requires to be taken care of more often than you realize. There are a lot of people who are suffering from back pain and never even know the exact reason, some people opt for surgeries even and ever get relief from the pain. There is a common misconception among the people that there are no permanent solutions but these issues can be treated and healed to bring back the better lives of the patients.

Extensive ortho care with affordable cost
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Our Specialities

Safe & Economical

We provide the world class treatment at affordable cost for everyone.

Non Surgical Solution

We diagnose our patients through proper methods to make possible for non surgical procedure.

Advanced Technology

We use most innovative and advanced level of high treatments with intensified technology.

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