Arthroscopy Surgery

Arthroscopy Surgery

Arthroscopy surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat joint problems. At Dr. Isaac Bone & Joint Speciality Hospital, we specialize in this advanced technique, offering patients a less painful and quicker recovery alternative to traditional open surgery.

Arthroscopy involves the use of a small, flexible tube called an arthroscope, which has a camera and light at its tip. This instrument is inserted through a small incision near the affected joint, allowing the surgeon to view the inside of the joint on a monitor. This detailed, real-time visualization helps in accurately diagnosing joint issues and performing necessary treatments with precision.

Common conditions treated with arthroscopy include torn ligaments, cartilage damage, joint infections, and loose bone or cartilage fragments. This procedure is commonly used on knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, and hips.

Arthroscopy can also be used to treat conditions like rotator cuff tears, meniscus tears, and chronic joint pain.

The benefits of arthroscopy are numerous. The smaller incisions lead to less tissue damage and reduced postoperative pain compared to traditional open surgery. This typically results in shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and quicker return to daily activities. Additionally, the risk of complications such as infections is significantly lower.

During the procedure, after making a few small incisions, the surgeon inserts the arthroscope and other specialized instruments to repair or remove damaged tissues. The entire process is monitored on a high-definition screen, allowing for precise movements and interventions. Once the necessary repairs are made, the incisions are closed with stitches or surgical tape, and the joint is bandaged.

Recovery from arthroscopy surgery varies depending on the specific joint and the extent of the procedure. Generally, patients can go home the same day and begin rehabilitation exercises within a few days. Physical therapy is often recommended to restore strength and mobility to the affected joint. Most patients experience significant improvement in joint function and a substantial reduction in pain following arthroscopy.

At Dr. Isaac Bone & Joint Speciality Hospital, our team of experienced orthopedic surgeons is dedicated to providing the highest quality care. We use the latest arthroscopic techniques and technologies to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. If you are experiencing joint pain or mobility issues, arthroscopy surgery might be the solution you need.