Complicated Joint Fracture Surgery

Complicated Joint Fracture Surgery

Complicated joint fractures can result in significant pain, loss of function, and long-term disability if not properly treated. At Dr. Isaac Bone & Joint Speciality Hospital, we specialize in the surgical management of complicated joint fractures, providing patients with advanced care to restore joint stability and function.

Joint fractures are considered complicated when they involve multiple breaks, severe displacement of bone fragments, damage to surrounding soft tissues, or joint dislocation. These fractures often require surgical intervention to realign the bones, repair damaged tissues, and restore stability to the joint.

The surgical approach to complicated joint fractures depends on several factors, including the location and severity of the fracture, the patient’s overall health, and their functional goals.

Our team of orthopedic surgeons and specialized healthcare professionals works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

Surgical procedures for complicated joint fractures may include open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF), where the bones are realigned and held together with plates, screws, or rods, or external fixation, where metal pins or screws are placed outside the body to stabilize the fracture. In some cases, bone grafting or tissue reconstruction may be necessary to restore damaged bone or soft tissue.

Following surgery, patients undergo a period of rehabilitation to restore strength, flexibility, and mobility to the affected joint. Our team of physical therapists provides comprehensive post-operative care and support, guiding patients through exercises and activities designed to promote healing and functional recovery.

At Dr. Isaac Bone & Joint Speciality Hospital, we are committed to providing compassionate and expert care to patients with complicated joint fractures. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons and multidisciplinary team utilize the latest techniques and technologies to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.